Aomori, Japan

Country Japan
City Aomori
5 Best things to do Drive to mt hakkoda san, go to the top of the mountain and enjoy and ice cream, drive to mutsu to see the snow monkeys, go to hirosaki castle, walk the snowy streets, find some hot springs
3 Best drinks hawaiian bar aloha, crazyhorse saloon!
3 Best eats seafood, ice cream
Where to stay? toyoko inn
Tips and tricks

Abashiri, Japan

Country Japan
City Abashiri
5 Best things to do Visit the prison museum, go to the pink and blue beer brewery, take the train to kawayuonsen and see Mt Io with all the sulfur coming out at Akan National Park, take a walk around lake abashiri, go to the markets where prisoners sell their wares
3 Best drinks hokkaido only beers!
3 Best eats hard to say as we picked random foods due to the lack of english comprehension, mainly bento boxes from the convinience store!
Where to stay? wherever you can!
Tips and tricks Not many people speak english, the train station signs and call outs are not in english so make sure you know where you are getting off. Night life = nil. still awesome fun for something different and the national park makes it worth it!

Tokyo, Japan

Country Japan
City Tokyo
5 Best things to do day trip to climb mt mitsutoge, akihabara, harajuku, seeing asimo at the robot museum, walking around at night, using the shinkansen
3 Best drinks getting some beers and strong zeros and drinking in yoyogi park, vending machine beers, all you can drink karaoke
3 Best eats cheap sushi trains, 1 million flavours of kit kats, crepe vans
Where to stay? ryokan if possible, shinjuku and shibuya is pretty central but the subway is so good it doesn’t really matter. ueno is a little quieter but still on the main subway line
Tips and tricks don’t get home too late the subways close at midnight

Hakodate, Japan

Country Japan
City Hakodate
5 Best things to do onuma quasi national park, mount hakodate, star fort, fish market wander
3 Best drinks onuma national park brewery beer, hakodate brewery, october 28
3 Best eats fish markets, sushi bar next to toyoko inn, lucky pierrot for the mega burger
Where to stay? toyoko inn – next to the train station, free breakfast
Tips and tricks good place for 2-3 days, definately make the train trip to onumakoen station to see the national park. get a beer from the brewery there and some of the cheesy snacks then finish off with an ice cream

Osaka, Japan

Country Japan
City Osaka
5 Best things to do Umeda sky building, Osaka castle, Osaka aquarium, department stores, walking the tiny alleyways
3 Best drinks Izakaya, karaoke all u can drink, stong zero’s from the 7/11
3 Best eats takoyaki, ramen, karaage chicken
Where to stay? toyoko inn!
Tips and tricks use the subway to get everywhere, go to the food section of department stores at the end of the day for discounted food.